Türkçe Eğitim

American Time organizes Turkish Language Courses for foreign people staying in our country for deifferent purposes and in need of learning Turkish langueage during their stay.

Through our courses, students learn Turkish language by gaining four different skills that are speaking, listening, writing and reading while learning rich vocabulary through various up-to-date subjects with the guidance of our experienced, eligible and friendly teachers.

Our Turkish language courses are either individual or group teaching comprising language learning system of European Council common language criteira. Therefore, equal importance has been placed on gaining four skills.

Turkish language courses levels

A1 64 hours
A2 64 hours
B1 64 hours
B2.1 64 hours
B2.2 64 hours
C1 64 hours

We can also consider on-site teaching for professionals who work in Turkey as expatriate in multinational companies operating in our country and their whole family members by forming special syllabus in conformity with their daily program.

For further details, your are kindly invited to our courses at your convinience.